How long do International deliveries usually take?
On unbranded items we aim to have orders delivered to your door within 2 to 3 weeks and on Branded orders once artwork has been
approved it takes 5-7 working days in production and then will be a further 2 to 3 weeks. But often the actual delivery can take as little as 1
week. It's always best to contact our offices to get an estimate.

Do I have to pay for VAT and Customs, and if so, when do I pay?
Yes, you will have to pay for VAT and Customs when the order arrives in the country you are sending it to.

Customers in Namibia and Botswana will only have to pay for the VAT applicable in the country of delivery and should be exempt from customs.
You will be contacted by an agent at our delivery company to finalise customs and VAT payments as well as any other handling fees
which might be applicable before the goods can be delivered. Handling fees could cost up to 10% of the invoice value. Please take this into
account when making a purchase, Disrupt Shop cannot be held responsible for the VAT and Customs charges that are payable, as these
charges are out of our control and are determined by the customs office in your country.

Please note that your invoice will not show South African VAT. You may notice that the delivery cost for items gets cheaper the higher your
basket value is, sometimes it is free. This is because we have taken the amount you have paid in South African VAT and allocated this towards the delivery cost. This alleviates the need for you to claim it back from SARS.

How do I work out the customs on my order?
Customs and duties are sadly out of our control and are determined by the customs officers and laws in the country to which the product is
being shipped. As a rule, we work on the following estimations for Customs and VAT.

• Namibia:
 VAT: 16.5%
 Customs: 0%
• Mauritius:
 VAT: 15%
 Customs: 15% (estimated average)
• Botswana:
 VAT: 12%
 Customs: 0%
• Zambia:
 VAT: 16%
 Customs: 25% (estimated average)